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Live and Video-on-demand Delivery Solutions Made Easy

DOCSTREAM is the frontier in online video education. Kindle your viewers enthusiasm through integrated live and on demand delivery. Simple yet versatile solutions for channel owners that will enrich the viewer experience. Do you need to control access and/or track viewership? DocStream offers unique solutions not found with other video hosting providers.

Live Interactive Training

Provide a live interactive experience for your audience.

Organize Your Video Library

Arrange your videos into channels so your audience can easily browse or search for specific videos. Organize playlists so viewers aren't lost is a sea of videos.

Control Access

You have full control over who can access your videos or channels and integrated DRM protects your content from unauthorized viewing or downloading.

Large Online Events

Did we mention that we are backed by Akamai Networks, so no audience is too large with our delivery solution? Stream your live and on-demand videos simultaneously to to any size audience.